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Bonita, Sue Breakfield, Suzanne Coffey, Byron

After the Picnic 2009

Following the picnic a group of us gathered at the Munger Moss Motel that evening to continue our visit.  On Saturday morning we had a small committee meeting to start planning future class activities.  Then a few of us continued with "sight seeing" and more visiting. 

PS  If you ever get a chance to talk to Gwen (Wendy) Waters, have her tell you about her GPS experience!
35 Year Reunion

35 Year Reunion

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LHS Class of 1968....30 Year Reunion

30 Year Reunion

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20 Year Reunion

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10 Year Reunion

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Junior Class Officers  Glenda Appling, Lewis Gowin, Pati Hays

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Lebanon Hot Spots from the 60's

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Bonita Rhoads Birthday Party

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